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Reinventing your business in the Post-Covid age.

As the business world gets ready to face the reality of a post-COVID world, it’s clear there will be many new challenges to face.
Is reinvention a requirement? What are the key drivers for success in the new world? What are the new opportunities for businesses, and what are the key issues to watch out for?
Telstra Digital Services Partner, Julian Cross has over 20 years’ experience working with large enterprise customers on digital transformation projects. On this episode we discuss his strategies for how companies can find their new normal in the post-COVID age. He also shares his insights on what the new normal may mean for employees, and some of the opportunities it will present.

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Where to from here? Taking a positive approach to business in the new world.

Getting the chance to interview my CEO, Karl Redenbach, has been something that has been on my wish list for a while. When Karl enters a room, or jumps onto a meeting, all eyes and ears are on
With the world starting to awaken from a Covid-imposed slumber, many businesses are making plans for “business unusual”, as Karl refers to it. Karl discusses some of the major challenges businesses will face post-covid and his excitement for what is to come. Ever the optimist, Karl shares his enthusiasm for the remote working revolution. He believes LiveTiles is well placed to support remote workers now and into the future.

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Remote working the right way: best practices.

Communicating with a remote workforce has its challenges, but what if remote working is here to stay? Have you set your remote workforce up for success?

On this episode Ryan Thomas, CEO of Timlin Enterprises, offers advice on how to set up your remote workforce. Ryan has been operating a remote workforce for many years and has also helped many clients to set up their own.

In this episode, he shares strategies for working together, when you are apart. How avoiding meetings for meetings’ sake will make you more productive. Why understanding and respecting new work patterns is so important, and how you should prioritise fun for the sake of your mental health.

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Time to check in on your employees well-being.

As a result of Covid-19, companies the world over have adopted remote working models for their employees. Anecdotally, results have been mixed. Some employees love the flexibility, others crave human interaction. Companies are being forced to “let go” some of their controls with he new model. But, some are reporting that employee productivity levels remain high, and in some cases have even increased.

How are your employees faring? When was the last time you checked in on them?

We are hearing rumblings of a wave of mental health issues that may cause greater harm than the pandemic itself, but time will tell. In this episode, mindfulness expert, Nina Purewal and founder of the LiveSmiles movement, Peter Nguyen-Brown join me. We discuss the potential mental health issues that are on the horizon, what we can do to support employees through them, and what part technology has to play in the solution.

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